FX Diamond Pre-Makeup Base


A primer used before applying foundation for a silky smooth skin and a stay in place makeup all day long

FXG Diamon PreMakeup Base

What it is:

A perfect base for any foundation, guarantees an ideal matte and silky finish, easily absorbed to ensure a long wear non-oily look. It is dermatologically tested, Fragrance- free and Paraben free with a non-alcoholic formula.

What it does:

- Instantly lifts and preps your skin before starting your makeup routine

- Sets and prolongs the wear of makeup

- Absorbs the excess oil of the skin

  - Leaves your face with a natural non-oily glow effect

How to use:

- Dispense a small amount to clean fingertips and apply it gently to your face

- Perfect to use alone or blended with foundation


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