Filler Finity Liquid Foundation


 A liquid base foundation with a velvety texture for a high coverage and matte finish 

Filler Finity Liquid Foundation

For a Glowing Skin

What it is:

A liquid base foundation with a velvety texture and a high coverage effect, for a matte finish

What it does:

- Long wearing, excellent coverage finish

- Suitable for all skin types

- Fills fine lines and wrinkles and reduce its appearance

- It glides on easily due to its silky texture

- Deeply hydrates, moisturises and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity

How to use:

- Prime your skin few minutes before applying foundation with our Pre Makeup Base - Base Perfect

- Use the Liquid Foundation Brush (010S) to apply the product on your face

- Lightly damp using the Purple Blending Sponge (SG11) to blend


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