About us

Roueida Haidar, Founder and CEO

Who We Are

SkinTouch is a privately owned cosmetics brands founded in 2008 in Beirut, Lebanon, and established by Rowaida Haidar. Its head office is based in Salim Salam, Al houdhoud building, 3rd floor

"At SkinTouch, we don’t wait for new makeup trends, WE CREATE THEM"


What We Do

SkinTouch's goal is to serve all your makeup and beauty needs, offering you high-quality products with a fair pricing strategy. Our product portfolio covers different lines, types, and shades. At SkinTouch we bring to you Bold and Simple, Basic and Devine, Wild and Sane, Matte and Metallic, Beginner and professional, with a unique TOUCH

Our Story

SkinTouch was established in 2008 when Rowaida decided to quit her job as a makeup artist, and pursuit her dream and passion of starting her own makeup brand, a brand that she had always dreamt of its details and uniqueness, a brand with a special TOUCH. She wanted to be able to share her experience, passion, and tips in the beauty industry to all makeup lovers.

She started the brand with only 2 product lines, eyeshadow and eyeliner. Today, SkinTouch is one of the leading professional makeup brands in the market, with more than 20 product lines covering Lebanon and the Middle East area, produced at high end makeup manufacturers abroad.


We hope this is the place where women who love makeup as much as Rowaida does, enjoy and express their passion.

Roueida Haidar, Founder